Helder Ferriera
Co-Founder and Industry Insider


The Industry Insider – With 15 years working on the dealership sales side of the industry, Helder knows EVERY trick the dealers will play when you are trying to purchase a vehicle at a dealership.    After spending so long in the industry, Helder began to realise it was less about the customer’s needs and more about how much the sales person could make out of each customer.  He decided enough was enough and knew there had to be a better way, a way that was fairer for customers and was about old fashioned customer service in a new modern context.

He now spends his time providing a service he is proud of, that protects the customer from the system where the dealer has all of the power, and the customer becomes a means to making commission.  The dealers “know that he knows”, therefore there are no games. He gets the best, honest prices from the Fleet managers , who are competing directly with each other, and actually have to EARN YOUR BUSINESS.


Arron Headshot 5
Aarron Coote


Co-founder Arron Coote’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen him constantly searching for better ways to do things. To provide better buying experiences, better services or improved quality of products. He has apassion for helping people, and can’t help but fight for the little guy. He believes that time and money are too precious to waste, and that the motor industry has had the advantage for way too long.

It’s time to give the power back to the customer. Arron has been able to facilitate this by bringing on board a number of associations whose thousands of members add to our volume buying power. The result is “fleet discounts” for ALL.


Daniel Cooney
Head of Finance


Daniel joined Fleet Point as Head of Finance from previous roles within ANZ Private Bank and NAB Commercial Bank. With a thorough knowledge of finance and banking, his attention to detail, product knowledge and bank relationships, he is able to guide and assist clients in the best product for their particular needs.

Daniel’s aim is to make the financing experience a simple and easy one, and he is always available on hand for any questions you may have.