New Vehicle

Let us know the exact car you want to buy; the make, model, colour, and options you require. If you require independent advice, please do not hesitate to contact Fleet Point on 1300 004 006 – our qualified consultants are more than willing to help you in choosing the right car to suit your needs

Test Drive

If you need to, head down to your local dealership or we can organise a test drive for you. We recommend that, in your best interest, you do not sign a purchase contract while you are there. If you do, you will not be eligible for it Fleet Point discounted prices.

Best Price

We will tender out your exact vehicle specifications anonymously to our network of dealers around the country who will all compete for your business. Whichever dealer can supply your vehicle for the best price delivered to your front door wins your business! Such a simple system. Fill out the form on the right to get started.


Once we have supplied you with the lowest price possible and you wish to proceed, Fleet Point will order your new car on your behalf, from the dealership that supplied the best price.


The supplying dealership will deliver your new vehicle to your front door with a full tank of fuel. Your personal broker will be keep you up to date during the whole delivery process.